EFT granule spreader system
Particle seeding system
Make spreading works more efficient
Various types of granule spreading
The granule spreader system can support different types of solid granule such as grains, fertilizers, baits, etc
Of sowing, suitable for sowing operations such as sowing, spreading fertilizer, casting bait, etc.
Precision spreading control
The spreader can adjust the size of the discharge valve and the rotation speed of the spreading turntable, so as to precisely control the discharge amount and speed. At the same time, the spreader is equipped with a stirring device to prevent the discharge from clogging and improve the spreading operation
High-quality detail design
The main body of the spreader is made of high-quality composite material injection molding, which is strong and durable. The turntable is driven by a brushless motor, which is stable and reliable, and has a longer life. At the same time, it has a built-in control module and is ready for use when wiring, compatible with mainstream flight control systems
Intelligent spreading
The spreading system can realize automatic spreading operation with the help of the drone flight platform, which is efficient and intelligent, while avoiding the unevenness of manual operation, making the spreading operation more efficient and even
Multi-platform compatibility
The granule spreading system is a separate accessory, compatible with existing flight platforms such as E410, E610, and E616. The spreading system and the spraying system can be interchanged by replacing a few parts. It is convenient and quick to install the spreading system on other aircrafts. It is also very simple