Z SERIES Agricultural Drone System Solution
Enjoy the intelligent and smooth ultimate experience with Z series agriculture drone solution. 30kg and 50kg two load models, with newly upgraded high-strength truss structure, wireless integrated flight control, large-flow impeller pumps and water-cooled centrifugal nozzles. The aircraft is deep integration of software and hardwares.
Innovating structure
Pursuing superlative
Z-type folding
Minish folding size, easy transport
Press-locking handle
Intelligent sensor, convenient operation, sturdy and durable
Truss structure
Double structural strength, strong and durable
Interactive design
New experience
Double clamshell inlets
Big dual inlets, easy pouring
Tool-free housing
Simple built-in buckle, quick disassembly
Front high Tail low
Less wind resistance, lighter battery replacement
Fully interconnection
Aptitude upgrade
Ultrasonic Flow Meter
Separating detection, stable and reliable
Precise weighing module
Real-time monitoring, avoid overloading
Smart Feedback Module
Constantly status detection, early warning of faults
Integrated flight control
Enjoy wireless connection
Wiring-free and debugging-free, enabling fast installation
Grouping modular design
Separate modules of flight control, RTK module and receiver module. Plug-in connection, flexible configuration
Optimize arrangement
Upgrade waterproofing
Deeply optimized wire layout, orderliness and easy to repair, optimizing plug with waterproof terminal, more reliable performance
Efficient spraying
Hearty flow
Newly spraying system is equipped with dual large-flow impeller pumps. Matching With an ultrasonic flowmeter, which is separated detection from the liquid, more stable and more precise. The ingenious water-cooled centrifugal nozzle can effectively reduce the temperature of the motor and increase the service life, and the large atomization radius brings a new smart spraying experience
Precise spreading
Smooth sowing
Integrated tank design, quickly change spraying and spreading in one step, convenient and fast. Super large inlets ,greatly enhance the loading efficiency. Bow-shaped tripod design, effectively avoid the collision of broadcasting particles. Margin display, realize precise linkage spreading.
IP67, Integrally waterproof
The whole drone is upgraded waterproof from the inside to the outside, Motherboard integral potting, plug with waterproof terminal, sealed all core modules. The whole drone achieves immersion waterproof, easily cope with various harsh working environments.
Common structure
Convenient maintenance
30L/50L universal structure, more than 95% of the parts are common. Which makes it easy to prepare the spare parts and effectively reduce the maintenance costs. Simplify assembly process and improve production efficiency.
Offered solutions
Basic Package
Drone frameX 1Adapter boardX 1
Motor setX 4Pipes and fittingsX 1
Impeller pumpX 2Flight controlX 1
Flow meterX 1Receiver moduleX 1
Level gaugeX 1CameraX 1
Centrifugal nozzleX 2Remote controlX 1
Standard Package
Drone frameX 1Adapter boardX 1Front radarX 1
Motor setX 4Pipes and fittingsX 1Altitude radarX 1
Impeller pumpX 2Flight controlX 1CameraX 1
Flow meterX 1Receiver moduleX 1Remote controlX 1
Level gaugeX 1RTK moduleX 1
Centrifugal nozzleX 2Forward radarX 1
Professional Service
Tips and instructions:

About deep services, customers can apply according to needs.

Some customized items have minimum order quantity requirements, the mold and design fees need to be paid.

Both sales plans are shipped in semi-assembled form, and need to be assembled according to the product manual.

If the complete drone system solution ,you can enjoy comprehensive after-sales service and free software upgrade service. If purchasing components ,only enjoy component after-sales service.