X6 series light load flying platform
  • X6100
  • X6120
Modular integrated fuselage
The main body of the fuselage adopts a modular design, and the fuselage frame is integrally formed, with a simplified structure and convenient assembly
Note: X6100 body adopts nylon + glass fiber material, X6120 body adopts nylon + carbon fiber material
Separate arm disassembly
The arm adopts a separate disassembly design and ingeniously designed breakpoints to reduce damage to the parts of the bomber and reduce maintenance costs
Note: X6100 arm disassembly and carbon tube diameter 25mm, X6120 arm disassembly and carbon tube diameter 30mm
Umbrella folding design
The whole machine adopts the classic umbrella-shaped folding method, which minimizes the size after folding, and is convenient for storage.
  • X6100
  • X6120
Quick release battery track
The battery guide rail cooperates with the spring positioning knob to realize the tool-free replacement of the battery compartment, making the battery installation and replacement more convenient and quick
Full waterproof body
The design of the whole machine is dustproof and waterproof, and the protection grade is IP65, which can fly normally in the rain.
Scalable mounting platform
The expandable mounting platform can be adapted to equipment used in different industries, such as carrying PTZ, pod, megaphone, throwing device, etc.
product details
Optional E5 motor sET
X6100 can be equipped with E5 special MOTOR set, with 18-inch folding propeller,Higher efficiency, more stable performance, overall waterproofing
Performance parameter table
Basic parameters
Product specification maximum pull 4kg
Recommended pull 1.5-2kg
Supply voltage 25.2V(6S)
working temperature -10~40℃
kit weight 362g
Line length 500mm
Tube diameter 25mm
propeller propeller size 18x6.5inch
propeller weight 48g/piece
motor Stator size 50x8mm
Motor KV value 335KV
Motor weight 190g
ESC maximum voltage 25.2V
Maximum current 40A
signal frequency 50-400Hz
Signal pulse width 1050us-1950us
Test parameters
Motor Paddle Voltage(V) Throttle(%) current(A) Pull(g) Power(W) Efficiency(g/w) Temperature(℃)
18inch 24V 40% 0.86 341 20.6 16.521 55℃
50% 2.72 811 65.3 12.423
60% 6.13 1416 147.1 9.625
70% 10.79 2116 259.0 8.171
80% 17.51 2809 420.2 6.684
90% 26.29 3594 631.0 5.696
100% 30.59 3838 734.2 5.228
Product parameters


Rack weight:2.75kg

Empty weight:4.85kg

Full load weight:12kg

Effective load:3-5kg

Recommended motor:4216/5008

Recommended ESC:40A ESC

Recommended blade:17-18 inches

Recommended battery:16-22Ah(6S)



Rack weight:3.18kg

Empty weight:7.5kg

Full load weight:18kg

Effective load:4-6kg

Recommended motor:6015/6215/X6

Recommended ESC:60A ESC

Recommended blade:22-24 inches

Recommended battery:16-22Ah(12S)

Multi-purpose expansion