Spreading system V2.0
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Multiple seals and waterproof
The spreader adopts multiple waterproof processes from the inside to the outside, so that the entire system reaches the IP67 waterproof level and can be washed directly with water
Tool-free quick release design
The spreading system and the tank adopt a separatequick-release design, which can be quickly disassembled with three hand-tight screws, making maintenance more convenient
360° large flow spreading
The new spreading system adopts 360° spreading,and the maximum discharge opening area has been increased to 43cm², which greatly improves the spreading efficiency
Independent control module
The new version of the spreading system adopts an integrated independent control module, a board-level potting process, and an integrated heat sink, which is more stable and reliable
Multi-type particle spreading
The system can support different types of solid particles such as grain,fertilizer and bait, and is suitable for sowing,fertilizing and feeding
Multi-platform compatibility
As an independent subsystem, the spreading system is compatible
with a variety of flying platforms, and can be interchanged
with the spraying system by replacing a few parts
Two control modes
Based on the conventional PWM control mode, the new spreading system adds CAN bus control mode, which can be deeply adapted to different flight control modes
Optional weighing module
After the weighing module is selected for the material box of the spreader the residual material weight can be displayed in real time Realize the flow calibration function of different particles
Spreading system details
Spreading system parameter
  • Product number
  • product weight
  • voltage range
    DC 24V-60V
  • Protection level
  • Support particle diameter
    0.5-6.0mm(Dry granules)
  • Maximum warehouse area
  • Valve angle
  • Maximum speed
  • Spread wide
  • Material shortage signal
    Empty-0V, Full-5V
  • Speed control signal
  • Maximum power
  • Working temperature
  • Dimensions