Statement on the Application of EFT Products
Release time:2023-03-15 Reading volume:

As a private drone system solution supplier, EFT always adheres to the innovation oriented by the needs of the civil market, and strictly complies with the laws and regulations of China and business location, providing clients with safe and high-quality products and services.

Our product applications are limited to non-military, widely used in agricultural plant protection, fertilizer ,seeding, training etc., providing more efficient, precise and environmentally friendly agricultural production solutions. We condemn all acts of using our products to cause harm. Based on this, we solemnly declare EFT cooperation principles as always:

•  Agents, distributors, clients or other third parties are not allowed to use our products for military or other illegal modifications. Once such cases are found,  the cooperation will be terminated immediately and handed over to the relevant authorities.

•  When sale or use of our products shall abide by national laws, regulations and relevant stipulations, and shall not violate the privacy of others, damage the interests of others, obstruct public safety and other acts, especially not for weapons modification.

•  Our products are shipped in CKD form and must be assembled in strictly follow with the instructions. We do not recommend unauthorized modifications, if there is a special requirement, the partner should contact EFT and follow the prescribed process for technical verification, Otherwise EFT will not bear any relevant responsibility.

•  All agents, distributors, clients and other partners should promise to abide by the unified quality standards of EFT products, not to copy, not disrupt market prices, and be responsible for the interests and safety of direct end-users.

This statement applies to all products we manufacture and sell, and to all our clients.

EFT is committed to providing safe and reliable products and services by adhering to the values of dedication, innovation and pragmatism. We will continue to focus on our clients' needs, and implement our product safety requirements and commitments in the field of intelligent drones as always, bringing more trust and value to our clients, the industry and society.