New solutions, New developments of smart agricultural drone
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Agricultural drone technology has developed rapidly over the past decade, and drones have become bigger and stronger.However, the development of the agricultural drone industry in different countries faces different development problems due to economic level, industrial structure and agricultural differences.


How to upgrade product performance and provide ordinary farmers with more cost-effective agricultural drone services?  Which is the Key issue of local producers and service providers to develop and grow, especially in developingg country.


For example Thailand, The government is actively introducing agricultural drone technology  to promotes the upgrading of  agricultural industry and keep the advantages of agricultural products. But most farmers can only rent basic spraying services, cannot own a complete smart drone. And service providers also face complicated maintenance issues.


How to provide more precise and safer agricultural drones to meet the development of sustainable green agriculture?It‘s the most concerned issue for local brands in developed countries

For example, France, a large agricultural country in the European Union, lack of rural labor and high labor costs. A drone can save 98% of labors on the farm, which is getting popular among farmers. However, the European Union strictly controls the pesticides dosage to ensure food safety, the healthy and sustainable use of soil. Therefore, aerial drone operations have strict requirements


EFT latest Z series holisitic system solution, developing from customer needs.It has stronger new structure and advanced intelligent linkage system. Not only satisfies the customer's pursuit of excellent performance, also realizes the optimal comprehensive cost.


Compared with the EP and G series, the Z series retains a modular assembly solution, which keeps the product scalable advantage and facilitates flexible configuration and localized .The difference is that the Z series has been innovated and optimized in all aspects from the structure, configuration, software protocol, waterproof design, and wiring harness layout. The Z system solution is not a simple combination, but an original hardware with a customized protocol to achieve a deep integration of software and hardware.To achieve more efficient, more accurate, more stable, more durable.



The Z series has two large-load models of 30kg and 50KG, with four core advantages:

1. The truss structure with high front and low tail not only doubles the strength of the body, but also reduces wind resistance.

2. Snap-on housing, modular wireless flight control, grouped wiring layout, integrated tank, etc. improve assembly efficiency

3. Complete closed-loop feedback system, real-time malfunction warning device, waterproof design from inside to outside, which highly improves the durability of the productand can quickly find the fault .

4. Equipped with high-power double-impeller pumps, precise weighing modules, flow meters, water-cooled centrifugal sprinklers, and large-flow spreaders, it can effectively improve the operating performance .


EFT new intelligent agricultural drone solution brings new impetus to the development of the drone industry and helps localized agricultural drones thrive.