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    According to data reports, small farms produce more than 80% of the world's food, but 98% of small farmland is privately owned,with limited investment ability, and traditional farming methods are still the mainstay. Fortunately, agricultural drone technology is becoming more accessible to small farmers in developing countries, as the price of drone services has dropped much over the past few years.


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Top 3 Features Smallholders Love Most:

1.Precision spraying. This is the most widely used technology by farmers, which can reduce the chemical pesticides by 60%. Save on pesticide costs and keep the land healthy to increase yield per square meter ,ultimately.

2.Efficient sowing and fertilization. With the help of drones, this labor-intensive work can be completed in ten minutes for a small farmland.

3.Auxiliary pasture management.Drones can quickly "find lost cattle", track injured or sick animals and remotely monitor the status of cattle and sheep herds.

    In addition, UAVs can also be equipped with GPS, AI, loT, satellite remote sensing, 5G and other technologies, but at present, the cost of these services is relatively high for small farmers, and they are more suitable for large farms and vast land.

    Since 2015, the supply chain of China's assembled drones has gradually improved, indirectly promoting the rise of localized drones in Japan, South Korea, and Southeast Asia.The technological innovation of assembly parts enables local drone brands to launch more cost-effective products and services. For example, taking into account the manpower, time, technical difficulty, maintenance and replacement costs and crop output value of small farmers, the GX all-purpose frame and the V2.0 separate spreading system can quickly upgrade spraying drone with spreading function .Easily and efficiently.It reduces the total cost of small farmers from the root.

    The customer case in the video is from GreeK RDS 

    EFT will continue to pursue innovation, perfection, professionalism, to launch more convenient and efficient product solutions.Strengthen and expand cooperation with localized brands in the international market to help small farmers increase productivity and maximize planting benefits.