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    UAV precision seeding and fertilization technology has been promoted by more and more countries as one of the effective measures to reduce agricultural production costs and solve labor shortage.


    In 2022, for the first half of this year . EFT drone spreader exports increased by 175% , covering over 30 countries. Since it launched , it has been continuously optimized and upgraded. Equipped with millimeter-wave cutting and weighing modules to achieve precise and quantitative sowing, which can help farmers save 30% costs .



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>Efficient farming, smart agriculture

    This year, the new technology of "drone direct planting" has been vigorously promoted in South Korea as one of the labor replacement measures to solve the exacerbated labor shortage in rural areas.The government plans to invest 15 billion won by 2025 to expand the direct seeding area to 10% (13,000 hectares) of the total rice planting area.


    In 2018, EFT began to enter the Korean market, and won the trust of the market with simple design and excellent quality. And In-depth cooperation with local companies ,jointly facilitate the UAV-directed rice planting technology of local smart agriculture.


    According to customers feedback, EPS200 has doubled the spreading efficiency and is more compatible than the V1.0 spreader.It can be perfectly equipped with  local drone flight platforms to achieve efficient and precise seeding, effectively reducing labor costs by 90% and operating costs  by 85%.


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>Easy operation, Convenient for farmers

    Southeast Asian countries are actively upgrade from traditional agriculture to modern agriculture. At present, there are 2,000-3,000 agricultural drones working in Thailand,  only cover 20% of the farming area, and 90% of them are used for spraying , but the market for sowing and fertilizing is growing steadily, increase 200% in 2021. In the first half of 2022,  EFT spreaders export to Thailand has exceeded 100% of that of last year.


    Because most farmers know few about drone operation, and the language barrier of the operation interface hinders the promotion of this technology . EFT cooperates with the local companies in customized drone system to provide local farmers with convenient operation, an integrated drone for spraying and sowing, and professional training and maintenance services. Helping farmers increase production and income by drone technology.


EFT drone spreader ; drone sowing

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    How to take high technology into simple and practical agricultural machinery is the direction that EFT has been striving for. We look forward to in-depth cooperation with more like-minded companies to help local agriculture reduce costs and improve productivity by new technologies .