Application and development of drones in agriculture
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    Based on market forecasts, the drones will disrupt traditional agriculture over the next decade. Especially when extreme weather frequently affects production, innovative drone technology can empower farmers and make agriculture more profitable, resisting harsh weather and pest problems.

  • The applications of agricultural drones

The research team found manual spraying used more insecticides and water than drone-enabled spraying. Farmers used one liter of insecticide mixed with 160 liters of water for an acre of jasmine fields. Meanwhile, drone spray reduced the consumption to 750 ml of insecticide with 40 liters of water. Roughly, Drones can reduce chemical use by 10-30%, spraying an acre field in just 15 minutes. Combining farm chemical, water and labor costs, drone spraying can save $8-10 per hectare. Further , Drones can not only spray efficiently, also precisely sow and spread fertilizers.

agriculture drone

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The initial investment of purchasing a drone may be high for farmers, But they can lease spraying services, or buy drones through farming cooperatives for them to share . The application of agricultural drones is not limited to wheat and rice,also can be used on coconut, sugar cane and betel nut plantations, as well as cotton, corn, and oil palm and other crops.In addition, drones can also be used for pollination , helping to improve the quality and yield of crops.

EFT agriculture drone

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  • Innovation and Development of UAV Technology

    Asia has the largest population in the world. Especially, southeast asia is densely populated. High grain yield is an important factor to maintain social stability and development, so governments attach great importance to the development of agricultural drone technology. In particular,  as a major food-producing country, India actively increased its investment in local agricultural drone industry in recent years.

E616P agriculture drone in India

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    With the innovation of science and technology, Modular UAV solutions are highly praised by more and more markets due to their strong operability and expandability. It can easily combine local resources and requirements to process cost-effective multi-functional UAVs , which has effectively helped the development of drone startups . The following video is an example to demonstrate the simplicity of the modular solution by EFT Plug-in Modular UAV Solution.

    This is a trend. With the vigorous development of the agricultural drone industry, there will be more drones flying into the fields to increase farmers' production and income, and protect global food security.