UAV industry designer
Educational requirements:Bachelor degree Recruitment number:unlimited Work location:Hefei Release time:2021-03-08

Job Responsibilities:

1. Responsible for product definition and market pre-research, and complete the product industrial design plan;

2. Responsible for outputting design renderings, appearance prototypes, three-dimensional models, and various technical documents;

3. Responsible for conducting industry trend research and user experience research, and participating in research on new technologies and new processes of appearance design;

4. Coordinate and resolve problems related to industrial design in production.


1. Bachelor degree or above, major in industrial design, product design, etc.;

2. More than one year of industrial design experience in drones, smart equipment, consumer electronics, etc.;

3. Strong hand-drawing ability, proficient in 2D (PS/CorelDRAW, etc.), 3D design software (RHINO/UG/SOLIDWORKS and animation software are preferred);

4. Familiar with industrial design process, understand product CMF and manufacturing process, master basic knowledge of structure, mold and so on;