Electrical Control Engineer
Educational requirements:Bachelor degree Recruitment number:unlimited Work location:Hefei Release time:2021-03-08

Job Responsibilities:

1.Responsible for the electronic hardware design of various parts of the drone, including electronic control scheme design, schematic and PCB design, electronic control detailed preparation and other related design content;

2.Familiar with brush/brushless motor control, power supply design, familiar with UAV system communication mode;

3. Follow up the relevant quality verification work involved in the project development process, such as EMC evaluation, hardware circuit evaluation; and rectify non-conformance items;

4. Follow up the product market performance and do quality improvement work on electronic control components with hidden quality problems;

5. Provide technical support for the production process, domestic and foreign markets;


1.Bachelor degree or above, major in electrical engineering, automation, electronics;

2.More than 2 years of relevant work experience;

3.Have a solid circuit analysis ability, and be familiar with the principles of digital circuits and analog circuits;

4.Master design software such as AD9, able to design PCB and schematic diagram independently;

5.Familiar with EMC related standards, have EMC design and rectification related skills.