GX agricultural drone frame
Integral frame
The frame is integrally formed, with a simplified structure, strong strength, and good durability and reliability
Cross-folding structure
The arm adopts cross-folding and staggered folding method, which minimizes the folded size and facilitates transfer and transportation
Two battery schemes
Two installation schemes of smart battery and plug-in battery can be selected to meet the different needs of users
Dustproof and waterproof
The frame is dustproof and waterproof, and the waterproof level reaches IP65 and can be washed directly with water
Multi-frame matching
Shared frame for quadcopter and hexacopter
Number of axis Quadcopter Hexcopter Hexcopter
Tank capacity 20L 20L 30L
Wheelbase 2029mm 2018mm 2018mm
Recommended power Hobbywing X9 PLUS +36 inch propeller Hobbywing X9 +34 inch propeller Hobbywing X9 PLUS + 36 inch propeller
One machine for multiple uses (spray + spread)
The spreading system and spraying system can be quickly replaced to
meet the operation requirements of two different scenarios
GX series drone effect
Four and six axis share frame, a variety of tanks are available