G20 agricultural drone frame
G20 customized agricultural drone flight platform, with an effective capacity of 22L, adopts a unique quick-release dual tanks, dual battery layout scheme, eight-axis surrounding folding structure, optional four-water pump + eight-nozzle spraying system; Abundant peripheral expansion, optional RTK, three-way radar, FPV camera, etc
One-piece body
G20 adopts an integrated body design, which greatly reduces the number of parts, while having higher strength and better waterproof performance
Embracing folding structure
Fully symmetrical eight-axis layout
G20 adopts a fully symmetrical eight-axis layout, with double front and rear tanks + left and right batteries, which can ensure a stable center of gravity of the fuselage and dual redundancy for power and batteries
Fully symmetrical four-axis layout
G20-Q adopts a fully symmetrical four-axis layout scheme with dual front and rear medicine tanks + dual left and right batteries, which can ensure a stable center of gravity of the fuselage, and dual redundancy for power and batteries
Quick-release double battery + double tanks
Quick-release double battery + double tank, which can realize rapid medicine change and battery replacement,
which greatly shortens the waiting time of operation
Optional Y-shaped extension nozzles
G20 can be equipped with four Y-shaped extension rod nozzles, with high-pressure water pumps, and a powerful spray system can ensure the fine particles of the liquid atomization and reduce droplet drift
Tower-type flight control design
G20 adopts a stacked tower-type flight control warehouse, which arranges flight control modules with different functions in a stacked manner, with clear wiring and easy maintenance
Optional lower-mounted radar warehouse
A lower-mounted radar warehouse is optional at the bottom of the G20, and fixed-height radar and obstacle avoidance radar are optional to achieve more accurate height-fixing ground imitation and obstacle avoidance effects
Optional FPV camera + lighting
Optional high-definition FPV camera can meet the needs of long-distance operation visualization,
with night flight LED searchlight, day and night, guarding the farmland
Product parameters
The assembled G20 agricultural drone display