G06 agricultural drone frame
Integrated body
G06 adopts an integrated body design, which greatly reduces the number of parts, and at the same time has higher strength and better waterproof performance
Three-stage compact fuselage
G06 adopts three-stage fuselage layout to design the front flight control middle tank
and the rear battery. The structure is exquisite and the shape is unique
Quick-release battery medicine box
G06 adopts quick-release tank + quick-release battery design, which can realize quick medicine change
and battery change, simple operation, time-saving and labor-saving
Rectangular layout scheme
G06 adopts a flat rectangular layout scheme, extending the arms to both sides, maximizing the distance between the nozzles, thereby increasing the spray range
Ultra-small body and fast folding
G06 has a compact body, but also can be quickly folded, which is convenient for transit and transportation
Folding size
  • 640mm
    Drone width
  • 605mm
    Drone length
  • 475mm
    Drone height
Modular design
The whole body of G06 adopts modular design, and each part can be quickly disassembled and replaced, which is convenient for maintenance
Optional fixed-height radar
G06 has reserved a fixed-height radar installation position, and can be equipped with millimeter wave radar to
achieve more accurate height-fixing and ground-like effects
Product parameters
Recommend motorFrame parameters
Motorx6/6215Wheel base1172mm
Propeller23-24 inchFolding size605*640*475mm
ESC60-80A FOCTank capacity6L
Supply voltage12SFrame weight4.8kg
Recommended uniaxial load4-5kgMaximum take-off weight17.4kg
Recommended configuration
The assembled G06 agricultural drone display