E series hexacopter
10-16KG agriculture drone frame
Classic folding body
Classic folding body, the new product continues the classic foldable body design, which is convenient for transportation and transition
One Body, Strong And Durable
The new E-series upgrade products adopt a new one-piece molding process to simplify the fuselage from dozens of original parts into a whole body. The body is made of high-strength, impact-resistant materials, which are strong and resistant fall
Fully waterproof body
The body adopts an integrated waterproof design, supports washing, and the surface of the shell is painted with star blue, which is beautiful in appearance and eye-catching colors
New folding parts
The new folding parts are made of one-piece injection molding, and the structure is more stable and durable. The unique C-shaped arm fixing clip design can effectively avoid problems such as swinging and sagging of the arm during handling
Integrated power supply wiring
Integrated power supply wiring, centralized power supply, separate signal and power supply, reduce interference
Classic tank
It adopts the classic 10-16L tank, which is the most widely used and most stable load solution on the market
Reinforced power plug
The main power cord is routed out from the side, and the battery interface is fixed on the side of the tripod, avoiding the obstruction of the plug when replacing the battery, and the plugging and unplugging connectors are safer and more stable (optional AS150/AS150U plugs)
Detachable camera mount
A detachable camera adapter is designed on the front of the frame, which can be installed or closed according to needs
Product parameters
Optional accessories
E-series Hexcopter complete drone effect